Friday, 4 April 2014

Simply Crochet

It's no secret that I am a total magazine addict. I blogged about Simply Crochet over a year ago now, and have seen it go from strength to strength in the year and a quarter since its launch. 

How cute is this cover on issue 17? I would love a bike. With a basket. Covered in crochet bunting. There is a lovely hook freebie, too. I'm totes going to make that collar tonight. 

But even more excitingly, this very blog has been featured on its beautiful matte pages!

Eagle eyes will spot me on page 13...

So who's up for hooking up some hangers? Visit the tutorial here....

I do have some rather exciting news...I'm joining the Simply Crochet family! I'm so proud and excited to be designing some exclusive pieces for the magazine this coming summer, though obviously I can't say too much. All I will say that it involves fringing and Rowan Handknit Cotton.

Anyways, I have a deadline and an 11-month-old that is trying to eat the laptop cable. 

Have a happy, hooky weekend!


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