Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Colour Crush: Mustard

I love the advent of Spring. The sunshine pours into the house again, with that pure, fresh light that has been missing since September. Living in a small terrace on a narrow street, our little north-east facing house misses that light in the colder months. So when the light is back again I'm filled with hope and that feeling that summer is soon, very nearly soon. Until then, I have colour. Colour is the most inspiring thing to me. 

And for those who know me 'IRL' (in real life) and even over on Instagram, I'm known as 'Lady Mustard'. Some might regard it as an autumn colour, but for me it works all year around.

Mustard for crafting...

The knitting needles and thread are vintage (from my nana's sewing box), the bow brooch is made from Rowan Handknit Cotton in Ochre, Drops Paris cotton aran in Mustard (isn't this the most perfect mustard yarn?), Clover Soft Touch hook, Fabric- Japanese double gauze from The Village Haberdashery and those beautiful vintage barkcloth buttons from Folly & Glee

Mustard for wearing...
THE mustard dress, tights and cardigan from Primark years ago, purse made in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and 1940s felt posy brooch by Hen House Handmade

And even mustard on the walls!

After two and a half years we finally got around to decorating our bedroom. Me and the Mr couldn't decide whether to decorate my way (Cath Kidston) or his way (Sherlock Holmes) so we compromised with mid-century modern. Just like the downstairs of the house! We painted this main wall in Crown Vintage Mean Mustard, and accessorised with my handmade cushions and new Orla Kiely bedding from TK Maxx. The other three walls are a soft pigeon grey- Crown Vintage Easy Rider- and we have huge posters from our favourite movies- Breakfast at Tiffany's and North by Northwest. The prints above the bed are from Woop Studio. I re-covered the Ikea lampshades with my favourite Sanderson Dandelion Clocks fabric and we installed a super duper retro Ikea lamp on the ceiling. I'm still searching for the perfect fabric for a roman blind. The crochet cushions are of course my own work! The longwave stitch cushion was made for 500 Crochet Blocks, and the granny circle was a recent make using Drops Paris yarn and Whitney from The Purl Bee's pattern

In my basket at the moment I have more projects in mustard lurking, biding their time until the moment when I can do some selfish hooky. For now I'm fully immersed in my projects for Simply Crochet. 

What are your colour crushes? I have many more to share over the coming weeks. In the meantime, I have set up an ode to mustard over on Pinterest...


  1. Mmmm mustard - without a doubt one of my favourite colours, in fact, Agatha van has a lot of mustard ready for her revamp! X

  2. loving the mustard, the Ikea lamps cover really well, i've still not covered all of mine ! good to have you back blogging :)

  3. Another post my word take it easy old gal.....I love mustard too..mainly on ham! The last time I commented on instagram on your bedding i got it all wrong, if I recall? But I do love a bit of orla!!
    What I am intrigued with are those lovely prints above your bed....gorgeous....bestest Daisy j x

  4. I have enjoyed a very nice love affair with mustard and ochre over the past couple of years. Very strange for me! Alas, it doesn't go with anything already existing in my house, and, it's really not the best colour next to my skin either. Oh well, i'll still love it all the same and make the odd piece to quench my mustardy desires!

    Take care lovely xxxxxxxxx

  5. Ooo, I do love a mustard, and you may have found the perfect delightful mustard wool there!


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