Tuesday, 28 August 2012


It's a whole year since we moved into our little end of terrace Victorian house. In that time I've got engaged, got married, and written a book. Time flies, eh? Hubby went to the Essex Record Office, to do some research on our house. Built in 1880s, the terrace was called 'Pleasant Place' and was originally number 67, then number 109 and is now 122. Parts of our street were hit by German bombs during the war, and the end of the next terrace along was completely destroyed. 122 received category C damage- though we don't know what exactly! We back on to the railway, and live directly across the track to Cromptons- formerly the 'Arc Works', as well as Marconi half a mile down the track. The city was hit hard twice during the war, due to it's engineering and factories. Our street was most likely hit during a Luftwaffe air raid in 1943.
Everyone who has lived here has carved their initials into brick work by the front or back door, and now we know who some of them were! William Emery and his family lived here until his wife died in the 1960s, and their initials are by the front door. The couple we bought the house from are friends, and carved their initials by the back door. For a wedding present they carved our names into a brick at their own house, which they've photographed for us. They're even going to give us the brick.
 As busy as last year's August holiday was, this year's was relaxed. Long, leisurely breakfasts were consumed...
ice cream was eaten...
I got excited by a little swap parcel from fellow Instagrammer @coffee_kisses..
A little hanger making and project planning...
Devouring the new season catalogues...
And wishing a little bit for autumn.
See you tomorrow for some projects I've been working on the last couple of weeks.

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  1. How lovely! I'd love to find out more about my house x


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