Friday, 20 April 2012

Making, Doing & Mending...

I have got that Friday feeling today. A feeling of restlessness. A feeling of needing to *do* something, you know? I have a pile of work to be getting on with of course, but I'm itching for some stitching really.

I need to brush up on my sewing skills before the fabulous Hope & Elvis workshop with those fabulous granny chic crafters Dottie Angel and Ted & Agnes. My sewing is fairly appalling, and I do so much want to be able to sew. I think it's time for another Make, Do & Mend workshop. I am thinking perhaps the zip purse, just something simple to force me to remember how to do zips, which I had learnt at the cushion workshop, then immediately forgot. Whoops! I do have enough tools to be able to mend a dress though. And isn't it a lovely dress?

Incidentally, I'm working on something with the rather lovely Hannah of Make, Do & Mend (as seen on TV!). Something we're beavering on behind the scenes, which isn't quite ready to take centre stage yet. Something very 'newsworthy' indeed. Speaking of which, I was rather pleased to hear the fabulous news that aforementioned crafty goddesses Tif and Rachelle are penning a granny chic book, due out in the autumn. This fills my granny heart with an excitement and anticipation that cannot be described. Two lovely ladies, who make beautiful things, telling us how to make lovely things.
I am now at week seven of my 'a granny a day' project, and have firmly decided that is to be a square. So I am going to add grannies 'on the go' to create a lovely square, perhaps just for two more rows (another 16 squares), then work on a big colourful striped border. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

We've been a bit cooped up indoors this week. Finally the rain has stopped (though I can see grey clouds), but the light is shocking, and the little man is fed up of being indoors. I hoping for a dry weekend so he can run about outdoors and splash in puddles.
 In the meantime he's been playing with a box of vintage toy cars given to him by my grandmother, which he adores. He's been doing a bit of painting and sticking too in this week's Cbeebies magazine.
Feeling the need to 'get stuff done', I also decided to take the bottom row of panels off of my 'Nico dress. It looks a bit strange on the hanger! The sheer weight of the dress had made it stretch to an unflattering length. It's much lighter now, so the skirt comes to just above the knee. I had planned to make a cushion with the leftover removed squares, but they were a bit squished and stretched and VERY hard to deal with on old Betsey. So I gave up and hibernated the squares. As I was removing the panels from the dress I noticed the centres of the flowers were coming unravelled- disaster! So I reinforced them with leftover yarn and needle, so hopefully the dress will stay in tact, for a while at least.

And lastly, hello and welcome to my new followers! I am always surprised when people find me and come to say hello. I hope to work on a new pattern for a brand new Weekend Project next week, so you new folks have something to look forward to! Thanks for the follow. And thanks to Caroline at Gran Plumley for the Sunshine Award, I will get that up soon too. Caroline and I are going to the Hope and Elvis workshop together, tres exciting. It's not until July, but I am excited anyway. By the way, what do you think of the blog make-over? I love the buttons, not sure about the header? I have also updated the info on my workshop page if anyone is interested.

Have a Happy Hooky weekend everyone.


  1. I would SOOOOOO love to be competent sewer. My aim was always to be able to make an A-line skirt as I love them. I wanted a wardrobe full of pretty little home made skirts. Then I learnt to crochet, and sewing stayed on the back seat. It would be nice though to have that skill. One day! So....I am TERRIBLY envious of you! ha ha!

    I ADORE your Nico dress, it looks stunning on you.....again, envious! I think I may turn very Hulk like soon!

    The weather has been awful here too. Cold and grey and tremendously wet, although we cannot complain as it is much needed.

    Hope you manage to get out and about though at the weekend to get the fresh air into your lungs and set you up for a great week ahead!

    Take care

    Vanessa xxx

    p.s love the new layout!

  2. Lovely post and pictures i love it all ,raining here again too will it ever stop i wonder ,have a happy weekend xxx

  3. Blooming April showers eh? this week it has hailed/rained at 3:00 and 9:00...just on the school run times...i have my trusty green raincoat and have learned to embrace frizzy curls!!!

    loving the new buttons and excited to hear what plans you have in the pipeline...

    have a super dooper weekend xxx

  4. Gosh - that does look very productive. I wish I could kick start my sewing mojo again.


    Nina x

  5. I love the bloggy makeover! The sidebar buttons are so cute. Also, love the turquoise ring and nail polish - pretty! Hx


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