Monday, 19 March 2012

Monday excitement

It's been a very busy weekend here in inverleith. The future mother-in-law came to stay on Friday for the weekend, so I'm exhausted from hosting. She then left on Sunday morning, so I hosted an impromptu mother's day lunch for my mum and nan with my sister. mother's day was lovely, I have now got a house full of beautiful spring blooms, a new CK mum and, best of all, got to spend time with my precious family.

This month in general is going rather swimmingly, compared to the horror that was February. My granny a day blanket is looking very spiffy indeed, and I have plenty of Spring loveliness to photograph and treasure.

The wonderful Caroline over at Gran Plumley alerted to me to this tres exciting event coming up this summer...

so bright and early, she rather kindly booked us in to attend! I love ted & agnes and dottie angel so Caroline and I are most excited to be spending the Sunday with Rachelle and Tif as well as some other crafty souls one summer's day.

This Spring, I am also excited to be attending Selina Lake's Homespun Style marketplace and book launch...with some more crafty souls and bloggy ladies also promising their attendance. This one is not so far, just a quick hop on a train to trendy Spitalfields, I'm even taking my two boys on this crafty pilgrimage. Mollie Makes, Ted & Agnes, Folly and Glee and all sort of homespun giddyness will be on offer, on Friday 13th April. Not unnlucky for me I hope!



  1. Ooh the homespun market looks fab! And Dottie's workshop will be wonderful, wish I could be in attendance :) Hx

  2. oh no oh no oh no!!! i forgot to book the dottie angel workshop!!!! argh, why did i think it was next week!! oh i am gutted :(

    oh well, hopefully they'll do it another year - post lots of pics please -xxxx

  3. place in Brighton is Food for friends - i love it there xx

  4. Hello just stumbled upon your blog and am pleased to see you are going to Hope and Elvis to meet crafty souls with Dottie Angel and Ted and Agnes. We may well meet as I am friends with Louise and am indeed her little helper. Love your blog.

  5. Hello! How lovely, looking forward to meeting you. I think I need to brush up on my sewing skills before faced with the crafty goddesses that are Tif and Rachelle.Squeeeeeeeeee!


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