Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Homespun Style

Ever since interiors stylist Selina Lake announced on her blog that her new book would be called Homespun Style, I've been cooling my heels waiting for it.

And here it is! In glorious technicolour. Of course, I have been a fan of Selina's magazine work for a while. Her natural eye for beautifully placed colours and objects is something I definitely do not have, so this stunning book is definitely the one for me!

Here are my favourite spreads:
*gorgeous colours, perfect chair!* 
*Selina's inimitable style*
*perfect prints and beautiful use of light*
This book is just beautiful. Debi Treloar's photography captures the unique style of these homes beautifully, and Selina's styling just gets better!

The gorgeous colours, retro prints and crocheted items are definitely the elements of Homespun style that I embrace. And it got me thinking about my own home, and how much of it is 'homespun', both in true homemade fashion, and items inspired by the homespun look.
 *new one little bird print and wall colour*
 *homespun cushion, blanket and curtains*
 *Sideshow design tea towel framed and mounted*
 *vintage letter set tray pilfered from D's newspaper offices some years ago, ready to adorn the living room wall*

I hope to make it to the Homespun Style Marketplace event in April., to meet some homespun makers and bloggers. And spend some hard-earned cash monies! See you there?



  1. great book!! love your homey things. I love my printers trays in the lounge - i'm going to have a look into that event xx

  2. it's a fantastic book isn't it...just so inspiring - would have loved to go to the market but we'll be away with the littlies -if you go make sure you take loads of pics XXXX


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