Monday, 6 February 2012

A Perfectly Perfect Weekend

I had one of those weekends that, for me, was the absolute pinnacle of 'weekendness'.
Saturday morning I was up and out the house early for a haircut followed by some thrifting. I managed some lovely fabrics and a couple of real finds- a gorgeous cream knitted skirt for £1, and two skeins of Sublime Baby Merino Silk Cashmere DK for 50p each! Lunacy.
After lunch with a friend I settled down for an evening of TV catch up and crochet- a quickly invented striped hat (with ear warmers) for my man. Which he then wore for the snowy day!

The weekend in pictures:
 *Warming home made chunky vegetable soup*
 *Beautiful daffodils*
 *A quick striped hat for my man*
 *and one little boy loving the snow*
 *building a snowman at the park*
*snowball fights, roast beef dinner, wedding planning, LOTS of tea and remembering Stan- my grandfather who died on Tuesday.*

A weekend filled with some sadness, but lots of joy and taking great pleasure in small, ordinary moments.


  1. so sorry to hear about your grandad xx

  2. Love those snow photos, and hops your sadness eases soon


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