Thursday, 5 January 2012

In Need of COLOUR!

Between taking down the decorations, and the mounting workload and the prospect of filing my self-assessment tax return, and I can see why January would be depressing. This crazy weather doesn't help either! Best indoors in the warm, eh? So instead of wallowing in the greyness of it all, I'm instead brightening my world, one zone at a time. My camera and I are just not getting along at all these days, so I've decided to dispense with it on these occasions and use iPhone snaps instead to show you the little injections of colour I'm concentrating on right now...
 New Cath Kidston bags...the red one being a Christmas pressie from the Mr, the other purchased in the sale...
 Some colourful postcards we picked up in Devon...
 New tins and an enamel teapot on the green shelves
Ah yes, my favourite read, demonstrated on my new CK oilcloth...

We went to Cambridge for the day on Monday, for a spot of bimbling and shopping. I just loved it there! We had lunch at Bill's, and came home with a book, tea, Bill's cookbook 'Cook Eat Smile', an enamel billy can and the blue teapot and full, happy bellies. The wonderful coloured raffia and open, market-style space was so bright and happy and welcoming, and the food is always fabulous.

Of course we couldn't go to Cambridge without visiting Cath Kidston! I came away with new bag and oilcloth (above), the tins, a cowboy melamine bowl for Albie, Albie's bedroom curtain fabric (more on that next week), and a beautiful frock for me. Sadly, it is a size too small, but give me a month or so on my new 'Shedding for the Wedding' diet and I will be slim enough to fit in it!

We also paid a visit to the magnificent sweet shop, Hardy's...mega sours, Nerds, humbugs and fudge secured, we went about our day full of sugar and sunshine happiness. Lovely stuff! With our hearts and minds full of colour, January will not be grey old month, no, sir.

I also have a crafty mind full of colour, which I will be able to share with you when the postman arrives. My project list is being mentally drafted for 2012 and I can't wait to share it with you!

Wishing your day is full of colour

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