Thursday, 11 August 2011

Postcards from Devon: Lynton and Lynmouth

Hello! Welcome back to Inverleith. I just wanted to share some holiday snaps with you from last week's sojourn to Devonshire. We stayed in Umberleigh, near to South Molton and Barnstaple, in a little cottage perfect fro three. The views from the cottage were gorgeous- that lovely green, rolling countryside that England is famous for. Sadly the weather wasn't up to scratch and there's precious little to do when the seaside is a no-go and your little one is still not a confident walker. He has improved a lot this past week or so, but he is so headstrong and wilful that it's difficult to relax! In fact I don't think we relaxed until we got home from Devon! Babies are very particular, and the blondie bear was much happier back home with his cat and favourite toys- and his own bed.

We did lots of bimbling around the rural market towns, mainly. Barnstaple is OK if you are a fan of the high street, but not much to offer creative types like me and Darryl. The following day we went to Bideford- a very picturesque riverside town, with some lovely homewares shops and charity shops. Again, it's mainly good for shopping. We decided to go Lynton and Lynmouth on Monday however, and we LOVED it. The twin villages are at either end of the steep cliffs, and there was loads of great little shops, tea rooms and interesting windy streets and buildings. We took the cliff railway down to Lynmouth and had a fab seaside pub lunch and wandered about, sampling local ice cream and admiring the river views as it flowed into the sea.

So there we are! The first postcard from our little trip.

Happy holidaying!


  1. It looks beutiful, very picturesque, just a shame about the weather though hey xxx

  2. Very pretty. Always fun to be had in North Devon! Laura x

  3. Awesome postcard!!!
    It looks so pretty there


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