Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Finished Object: Crochet Flower Cushion

Hello again! I have something I want to show you...

Yes it's the finished crochet flower cushion! ready? OK. Then let's begin...

I began with seeing a pictures in a magazine of this M&S cushion...
I just knew straight away that I could make this. So I set about decided what flowers to crochet, and found the ever-helpful Art of Crochet by Theresa tutorial on YouTube. Then I found I needed something to place said flowers upon. Inspired by one of Lucy's posts on Attic24 i decided to up-cycle a jumper from a Charity shop. I found an oatmeal cable knit sweater in the charity shop for £3 and then my odyssey began.

 Remember this?
 And this? A huge pile of flowers waiting to be stitched on...
And finally some progress...
After lots of stitching, unravelling and hard decision on colour placement, I can proudly reveal...

The finished object!
 I needed some smaller flowers to fill the gaps. Some I simply unravelled a layer or two of petals to create a smaller flower. Then I came across the Mollie Makes flower tutorial online and decided to make up some iddy biddy flowers for the gaps. Lots of fun with colour, and I must say although fiddly they're lovely little blossoms. 
 All the yarn was from stash- all of Stylecraft Special DK
 I edged the cushion with a row of double crochet and the teal really makes the cable knit special...
What do you think? I love it! It took ages, much longer than I thought, to crochet the flowers, then making time to sew them on. I got so bored of this but encouragement from my yarnsters helped me pull my socks up and get it done.

Let me know thoughts etc.


  1. Fabulous! Love it! So cool when you can see something and think 'I won't buy one, I'll make one". Now my fingers are itching to crochet flowers instead of granny squares! Laura x

  2. That is so cute!!!
    You have done an amazing job, and the cushion looks so pretty!!
    I love the upcycling ideas as well

  3. hi there! i just found your blog from spying your gorgeous crochet cushions on the mollie makes page on fb! - i love your blog...although reading through your profile i think we were separated at birth!!! i'm certainly going to be putting myself down as one of your 'followers'!!!! have a great weekend, Caroline X

  4. I love it, it looks amazing xxx

  5. Just read about your blog in homemaker magazine (impulse buy!) and couldn't resist a visit - the cushion looks amazing am tempted to have a bash myself.


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