Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Rainy days and crafternoons

The past few days have been spent holed up here at Inverleith. the wet weekend refused to let us have any outdoors fun, so we stayed in both Saturday and most of Sunday, just hanging out and being a family.

Albie has had tonsillitis the past couple of days, too, so I've been busy tending him- administering huge amounts of Calpol, cuddles and patience. He's been hot and lethargic, yet refusing to sleep, eat or take liquids. So it has been hard work, including a terrible night spent trying to stop him crying then clearing up vomit. Isn't motherhood glamorous?

So Saturday morn I cleaned and primped, making inverleith look lovely. Oodles of washing was done, floors vaccuumed and surfaces dusted. Then a managed a little cooking and hooking! For lunch I made a beautiful dish of baked beets with walnut and goat's cheese. the colours were extraordinary and it was yummy- with some rocket salad and fresh french bread.

I then donned my pink pinny and whipped up a batch of these bad boys- Earl grey cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery cupcake book. I decided to use earl grey tea and the beautiful rose garden tea too- very yummy.

My friend had bought me some beautiful little Parisian-style cupcake cases with little cupcake toppers- perfect for such girly cakes!
And here they are! A little cream eiffel tower ofthe softest pink cakes.
The light was terrible for photos, so I played around with Instagram and thought it brought out the colours of the cakes and the decorations beautifully.

Served with a cup of rose garden tea in my favourite Pip Studio cup.
In the eve, I hooked up this little beauty, from Jane Brocket's pattern in the new issues of Mollie Makes.
I used Rowan Pure Wool DK instead of Aran, using the four colours my brother bought me for Christmas. Now I know their purpose! So I have been selecting colours online and will think it'll make a beautiful blanket. I cannot tell you how beautiful these squares FEEL- they're very textural with the puff and cluster stitches. But I have my beautiful chevron blanket in the Rowan Cashsoft Chunky to work up first!
Sunday was spent indoors, with the rain incessantly pattering at the window. So I picked up my stash and met up with Stassia at Just Imagine for a lovely crafternoon. We drank tea from her giant teapot, swapped tips and patterns and ate more earl grey and rose cakes. I contributed a 15cm x 15cm granny stripe crochet square for a giant story blanket Nastassia is curating for the kiddies to snuggle under when they have storytime at Just Imagine. I also finally found a pattern I've been seeking for AGES. I was desperate to find out about the cushions on the cover of this book. See? Gorgeous.
It transpires that it is long wave stitch. So I scribbled it down from Chris's book and took pictures of the pattern just in case my scribblings were wrong. I'll soon get down to working the pattern to try and create a lovely undulating wave like the two cushions on the page.
 Is there anything more lovely on a rainy Sunday? Tea, biccies, cake and yarn. Lovely.
I finally finished hooking the millions of flowers for my cushion- hopefully I'll finish it off this week so I can show you can the labour of love. I'm also dreaming up fresh new projects so I'll share them all with you soon.
But now, back to work!


  1. I love those flowers, they are so cute and pretty. The weather has been a bit rubbish recently, fingers crossed it isn'there to stay and better weather will grace us wih its presence real soon xxx

  2. Pot of tea and crochet - could life get any better? Baby beets salad and cupcakes too? When can I come round?! xx

  3. Hello there, thanks for popping by and leaving a lovely comment.
    You have a fabby blog, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished cushion.


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