Friday, 10 June 2011

It's here!

It's here! Issue two of Mollie Makes. There's no need to tell you all how much I love it. You already know. And that's why you read it too, right?

So, if you've had trouble getting hold of it, here's a little recap...

 Another lovely little freebie...which I will be making. And the little fox feltie inside.
 A page of goodies. And what's that in the top right-hand corner? Shall we take a closer look?
 It's little old me! I'm very honoured to be alongside the very talented Coco Rose (aka Vanessa), whose basket of beautiful crochet goodies rather puts my little handful to shame! But I'm very proud to be in this beautiful magazine. For someone who writes magazines I am probably a little too excited about actually being in one.
 I can't wait to have a go at this beauty! I'll just add it to my never-ending project'll need a whole new selection of stash!
 J'adore this home...grannylicious
 And I am desperate to have a summer party, with any luch it'd look like this...

Once again I'm freshly inspired to take up a new project, I am bored of crocheting endless flowers. But I will push on with the flowers and soon start a blanket. Yip! Off to a crafternoon this Sunday at Just Imagine story centre, I missed knit and natter this week as life has just got in the way of fun. I have a sudden urge to paint all my surfaces white and cover all my furniture with vintage fabrics and little retro ornaments. Is this normal? Of course it is, we're crafters.


  1. Ooh, issue 2 already - I only got issue one on Tuesday - the last one on the shelf! I must get out at some point this weekend and see if I can get my hands on the new copy. Well done for appearing in it - how fantastic is that?! Hope you have a fab weekend - enjoy making things. xx

  2. ooh so excited for mine to come! x

  3. Tehe, I was flicking through it yesterday and saw your picture and said to hubby: "I'm SURE I recognise her!" It just clicked. How exciting! Another lovely issue, I'm definitely going to have a summer party like the one featured :)


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