Monday, 11 April 2011

The Obsessions Series: Cath Kidston

It's been a while since I have done an Obsessions post, but this is something I have been meaning to share with you for a while. It's an obsession that I'm sure many of you already know about and indeed share. Yes, sir. My name's Kath and I'm a Cath Kidston-aholic. It's an expensive habit, so it's only indulged every so often, and it's a habit I have been secretly feeding for years. 

It began with some bedding. Then a make-up bag. Now I am a fully-fledged addict! Clothes, crockery, kitchen linen...I love it all. 

I received the new magazine in the post today. It's just lovely. I love the royal wedding party shoot, so British and old-fashioned.

 So it got me thinking about all the CK around the house...

In my wardrobe... 
 A tea dress and a new top! I wanted to buy a tea dress AGES ago in the sale, do you remember? Well they sold out so last week I ordered this top, so it replaces the dress on my list of exceptions from The Challenge of the Utmost Kind.

In the dresser...
 Four mugs and a butter dish!

Bags of style...
The little one on the handle was from my friend Jo. Also there is a green spot book bag, cowboy nappy changing bag and a spray flowers carry-all.

On the vanity unit...
Antique rose make-up bag. I was just reading about the antique rose print in the magazine. I bought this make-up bag about six or seven years ago and it's showing zero signs of wear! Also is my little overnight toiletries bag and The Washing Line handsoap and lotion from the mother-in-law for Christmas.

In the kitchen...

An oven mitt I bought myself about a year ago and some tea towels from my Pa for my birthday. 
So my addiction is no secret! I've also got more lurking about the house including some CK bunting in the bathroom, new pillowcases for the new house, underbed storage bags, some fabric squares for my sewing basket and the Sew! and Make! books. I think I will have to curb this habit. Let's face it, it's VERY expensive and does slightly undermine the Challenge. However, I am ordering some fabric to make curtains for the new house- star print in stone for Albie's room and a rose and blue stripe pattern for our bedroom, which will look lovely with the duck-egg blue walls. The other reason for kicking the habit is for poor D! He has so far tolerated the slow Cath Kidstonization of his life, but I wonder how far I can go?! Perhaps I should put the catalogue DOWN and instead look for the real vintage thing instead. After all, tea dresses and roses were around before CK.


  1. I received my catalouge yesterday , there are so many lovely things inside and it is so tempting to splurge out but like you I am trying to curb bad habbits and try and save some money but it is so hard, especially with distractions like these xxx

  2. Loving the blog make over as well by the way, very pretty xxx

  3. I see nothing wrong at all with your obsession, completely healthy and fully supported by nearly all attendees of Knit & Natter ;0) xxx


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