Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Park Life

Spring is officially here at Park Avenue! The trees are heaving with pink blossoms and the world seems a much brighter place with blues skies and beautiful sunshine. Not that I mind winter- I love wearing thick cardies, getting wrapped up and spending my days making soups and crocheting, but Spring is a wonderful time of year. Full of the promise of new life and a summer filled with wonderful things ahead. We don't have a summer holiday planned this year but we have a couple of long weekends away booked up- a trip to Sussex to stay at a place called Ghyll Manor. I'm hoping to go into Brighton one day and visit some of my favourite haunts. There is some serious thrifting to be done down there. I absolutely LOVE Velvet- I used to love going into their stores. before it became one store there we three Velvets- a home, clothes and a haberdashery. Isnt't that a wonderful word? Haberdashery. An aladdin's cave full of treasures to be taken home and inspire you. So I'll visit there and also Snooper's Paradise- my favourite place when I was a student for vintage and second hand gubbins.I adore The Lavender Room too. Such pretty things, it's incredibly girly.  We're also going down to Cornwall in May. I'm very excited as I've never been to Cornwall. We're staying on or near St. Michael's Mount and I cannot wait to explore the South West. 

Here are some pictures I took the other day when Albie and I took a walk into town. The great thing about where I live now is that the Park is at the end of our road. I love Tower Gardens, and the walk along the river into town is so peaceful. 

Some blossom on Park Avenue. This picture needed no effects put on it. Glorious, eh? I love shots like these so I was rather pleased with myself. The sky was so blue and the blossom was a lovely shade of pink.
 Here is the sun peeking through a tree on the walk through the park.
 And the lovely peaceful path taking you past the river into central park.Lots of people were out walking their dogs, which Albie loved (he loves small dogs especially), riding their bikes and taking their babies out. Lots of happy mums smiled at me as we walked past.
 Here is a little seat perched next to the river. So you can watch it meandering past. Hopefully this week more trees will sprout their little buds so some more greenery will appear.
 This is a shot I took with Instagram. I love the effect, very Japanese. I love this so much I think I'll get it printed and framed. Maybe made into a canvas! That's how much  I love it. And this next one two. Maybe I'll work on an Instagram blossom series!
And here are the flowers adorning my table this week. Some irises and lillies from the yellow sticker section in Tesco. The lillies are now flowering and look so proud and stunning. They're not scented though which is very disappointing. Perhaps I'll pick up some scented flowers at the street market on Friday instead. The irises are almost dead now, and though it's a bit sad I love how their deep violet colour fades when they die.
I am almost finished on a couple of WIPs (work in progress) so I'll post a crafty Big Reveal later this week...off to knit and natter tomorrow and perhaps a night out with my sister on Friday too. In the meantime I'll also bring you the next installment of my Obsessions Series!
Enjoy the sunshine folks 


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