Monday, 7 March 2011

Lovely Things

Today  has been another day full of sunshine and the promise of Spring. My weekend was mainly concerned with preparing for a viewer for the flat, as she was supposed to come on Saturday morning and postponed at quite literally the last minute until Sunday 3pm. So there was lots of waiting around and cleaning to be kept on top of. However I managed to get out the house Saturday morning with a big canvas bag full of yarn, needles, hooks and patterns and wandered over to Cherry on Top tearoom for Hannah's knitting club. I managed to persuade my friend Amy to get up and out the house for the 10am start and she and I began Crochet Corner at the club. It was jolly pleasant drinking tea and scoffing cake, and nattering with strangers about knitting and crochet. We then took a walk up to the post office and I squeezed in a bit of chazzing, picking up four pairs of knitting needles for 40p a pair. Absolute bargain. Amy crocheted me a gorgeous crochet hook case, which has inspired me to try and make one for my knitting needles. 

Today has been full of lovely musings, sights and sounds. My little boy's laughter always brings me joy.

Some parcels I sent out today. Lucky eBay buyers! I love receiving parcels, I'd love to receive a parcel like this.

I picked up this cute little knit top from the Cancer research shop before the knitting group for only £3.50. Thrifty and chic, non?

Yes, some more hyacinths. I used a filter on Instagram to emphasise the absolute blueness of them.

Crochet on my lap this morning. I finally finished the round cushion around tea time. I'll take some pictures of it snuggled on the bed. It looks perfect so I am very pleased. It looks as though it's always been there.

Ah yes. One Born Every Minute is on. I love it, such a wonderful documentary. I always get so emotional, watching new babies come into the world is absolutely magical, even if your own birth experience wasn't exactly perfect.

Cushion and magazine loving later in the week. Any more thoughts on the crochet coasters/flowers?

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