Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Crafty Minx

Yes, that's me. I'm crafty, see?
 I finally photographed the round cushion sitting in its snuggly new home on my bed. Looks right at home, don't you think? It's very soft, the Gorgeous DK yarn I used is a bamboo cotton mix and it's lovely and silky smooth. I've got quite a lot left, though I'm not sure what it's destined for yet. I decided today that I shouldn't buy any more yarn. I have so much! and so many projects planned.

 This is the result of the weekend's crafting. The charity shop jumper cushion is quite the triumph! I used some stylecraft yarn I have to just sew the two pieces together:- one longer piece of fabric for the back and bottom of the front, then the cable  section for the top 'flap' of the 'envelope'. I think it's a little boring but it's destined for some lovely adornment...

 Like these! I saw a crochet flower cushion in a magazine and though to myself 'heck, you can make that, Kath!' And so I am. I need to make about 30 of these flowers to cover the back of the cushion. The lovely striped item there is a gift from the talented Amy, who was my crochet teacher. She made this lovely hook case for me at the knit and natter last week. It's lined in hot pink felt and has spotty buttons! What more could you want? I am inspired to make a roll or pouch for my knitting needles, I have some lovely bright soft yarn and some Cath Kidston fabric that's itching to be used.

 And here is my new love! I am still somewhat of a knitwit (thanks, Sarah) at the moment, and so on Monday morning I happily took delivery of two knitting books to add to my craft shelf. Purls of Wisdom is lovely, very simple to follow and loads of clear info on different stitches and there is a section with some lovely patterns. The hot water bottle pattern there is from Knitty Gritty by Aneeta Patel, another great volume for beginners with tonnes of bright pictures so idiots like me can see exactly what they're supposed to be doing.
Do you like my coloured knitting needles? I bought them from the RSPCA shop for 40p a pair! I mainly picked them because they're pretty colours, but I have a range of gauges now. 
And what's that you spy there in the corner? Ah yes! phase one of the tea cosy. You want to see a close up? 
Ok then. 

Here it is! I absolutely could not work the pattern in the book, for some reason my intarsia colour changing was disastrous. Believe me, I tried it about ten times and just ended up getting cross with it. So I asked my knitting guru Hannah If it was total cop-out if I just knitted the house shape and made the windows and doors seperately. And she said no, of course not! So here is the house front. Tonight at knit and natter I'm going to attempt the sides which require a stitch holder, whatever one of those is. But so far I am so chuffed with this! It's just garter stitch but good practice with decreasing and casting on and off I think.At first I didn't like the colours, and wasn't so sure about the windows, but once I sewed it all together I fell in love.

 Ok, so it's a little wonky and the stitches at the edge are a little messy. I think 'homespun charm' is the correct terminology for this.

 I got this great book at a charity shop in Braintree for 50p on Saturday morning. Isn't it amazing? Proper retro patterns. I love the styling too- very Raquel Welch. I will attempt the dress on the cover one day. But it's full of retro patterns, like this shirt dress. Groovy!

 I also bought this beautiful china in the same shop. The photo doesn't do it justice I'm afraid. It's lovely cream and gold, so delicate and pretty. I really do not need any more china but anything gold and pretty I'm such a sucker for. I only have one complete tea set, so I'd love to collect some more of this to make a tea set! I have four side plates, a cake plate and a jug here. All for £8! I've been finding out a little more about the makers and this probably dates from the 1930s. So I think I'll try eBay for some teacups and saucers and the sugar bowl. Who knows what a summer of boot fairs will bring?

I'm off to knit and natter at Make, Do and Mend tonight with my tea cosy, then at some point this week I'll plough on with the baby blanket. In between eye tests, swimming with Albie, washing, cooking and house hunting! Phew. Isn't it the weekend yet?

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  1. I love the round cushion, it is gorgeous, and looks right at home with the other cushions there : )
    The RSPCA charity shop is deffo one of the best ones in Chelmsford, I have bought so many bargains from there, it is by far my fav one xxx


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