Friday, 4 February 2011

The Obsessions Series: Magazines

Ahhh magazines. I loves them. Magazines play an important part of my life, being a journo and all. I always loved it when my mum came home from the weekly shop with the new Radio Times, I just loved the idea of a new magazine no matter what it was. I loved Smash Hits, Sugar, Bliss and a magazine called Looks as a teen. Then I progressed onto Elle and latterly Vogue. Since I trained as a journalist I'll pretty much read anything I can get my hands on. It's an addiction, and an expensive one at that. You know all about my love for Country Living by now, but here is a little run down of what is currently gracing my coffee table. 

Vogue, of course. I don't buy many fashion magazines any more. This is the December Vogue- lovely design, photography, everything. The December issue is one I always look forward to. It's pure fantasy and I love to indulge my imagination. I also subscribe to Elle but barely get to read it much these days. I get the ASOS magazine through, too, which is a nice little read. Tomorrow my lovely friend Portia is taking me to a place in London called RD Franks, a fashion bookshop that sells magazines from all over the world. Squueeeeee! To say I'm excited is an understatement.

This magazine is a new discovery for me, and this is the new issue. I love it- it's fresh, informative and the shoots are lovely. This is from the Thrifty Chic spread. Scrumptious! I love the colours, the crochet flower cushion and the Cath Kidston Bedding.

This page is LOVELY. Now I need to buy some oilcloth to line the shelves of my old 1950's larder cabinet.
I can't wait to have a dining table with coloured chairs too.

Aaah some food porn. Incredibly good value and beautifully put together magazines. The recipes in Sainsbury's magazine are so reliable and the Waitrose mag has some lovely photography and great features.

And lastly, Country Homes & Interiors. The shoots are beautifully styled. I love this page as yesterday when I was taking the pictures I was drinking tea from my Penguin classics mug (Wuthering Heights) and wearing a tea dress and cosy socks and cardi!


  1. It is a very expensive obsession but also so interesting to see what is going on in the world and a great source for inspirations. I try to limit myself to a couple of subscriptions a year, but usually end up buying a couple of magazines throughout each month as well, they are so addictive. If I can I try and buy slightly out of date magazines from local markets, it is so much cheaper and the inspiration is still there : ).
    Hope you have a lovely weekend xxx

  2. I used to buy mags from the Market a lot but haven't done it for ages! Great for tear sheets and page layout ideas. I spent way too much on two lovely arty mags yesterday. Oops!

  3. i'm so glad someone else is obbsessed with mags!!


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