Monday, 10 January 2011

The Project List: Crochet

With the weight loss regime well under way (2lb lost in my first week- wahoo!), my thoughts have turned to the baskets and bags of yarn clogging up the spare corners of my living room. Oh, I love yarn. LOVE IT. Since I got too old and fat for fashion (not for long!) I have been spending my time purchasing lots of yarn. eBaying, yarn shop trawling, free with magazines, I'll have it all please. So here is a comprehensive list of current projects that are filling my head with colourful woolly thoughts.
Firstly, finish off the granny stripe scarf! My poor sister returns from her honeymoon in Kenya next week and I have just 30 rows or 15 stripes to complete. Plus darning in the ends and making the tassels. So rather a lot of work really, but easily done in a week I hope! That is my deadline anyhow. I want to make a couple more pairs of the wristwarmers in this yarn too- one for myself and one pair for my friend Nikki too. I was so sad giving away the last pair I made! Mmmmm I can feel the snuggly warmth now.
Since I finished my massive blanket last SpringI have been concentrating on small projects. Cushions, bunting, decoration etc. I have been planning another cushion with the Sirdar Luxury Soft Cotton for ages, so I'd like to begin on that very soon. Perhaps after the scarf and wristwarmers! I think a nice ripply stripe in these sumptuous summery colours. I particularly love this coral red I purchased recently on eBay.
Talking of cushions, here is yet another project half finished...a round cushion for the bedroom. This yarn is a bamboo DK, called something like Gorgeous. It's really nice to work with and silky soft, the cushion is going to be soft, smooth and a little shiny too. Luxurious, in fact. I just need to do four more rounds (one in each colour) to finish one side, then another side to complete. I suppose I just need to crack on with it, it won't take too long. But you know when unfinished projects just sit there and you have to force yourself to finish it? Then it gets boring. Like we've rented films from LoveFilm and they sit there for weeks unwatched.

Now this bag excites me. A lovely sack of expensive wool. Oh yes, Rowan CashSoft Chunky. Mmmmm, cosy and soft. It's actually discontinued now so I bought it on eBay. My plan is to crochet a ripply blanket for the bedroom- a nice simple chevron pattern from Vintage Crochet. It's the Bee Clinch pattern from the cover. Can't wait! Now I need to know how to crochet those lovely cushion covers too. You can never have too many cushions in my opinion! Especially as we're using them as Albie barriers. He now pulls himself up onto things before crashing to the floor and I could do without him crashing onto the tiled hearth.

I also have this sweet little pile of 25g chunky skeins that came free with a crochet mag, along with a 5.5mm hook. What to make with these?! Perhaps a breakfast set from Vintage Crochet? Tea cosy, cafetiere cover, egg cosies. Some bunting? I just don't know! I think they'd make a lovely ripply something. Another cushion? Or a little granny square? Hmmm. Ideas on a postcard please.

After that, well, Albie needs a nice green and blue ripply blankie, and a granny square, prairie style a la the Cath Kidston cowboy print. I also desperately want a granny squares blanket for the sofa in the Stylecraft special DK, so many more skeins and colours need to be collected. And that's the year ahead in crochet pretty much sorted! Now I just need to find time to squeeze it all in.

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