Friday, 11 October 2013

Pot holder love...

I have a new obsession. One that requires little forethought, just some cotton yarn and a hook. The weather this past week (until today, that is) has been amazing- warm, sunny and bright. I haven't yet felt that need to start creating blankets like I normally do this time of year, so I've not yet begun work in earnest on the Summer's End blanket. I have been making a pick n mix of small crochet projects instead, giving in to the temptation to just make something on the spot. And I have found that pot holders are just thing to whip up on a whim (ooh that rhymes).
And I think you'll agree that my potholder collection is coming along nicely! I have a Pinterest board which grows daily, so I doubt very much I'm going to stop with this little lot.

 Pot holder number one: This beauty started the whole shebang. The pattern is from Kat Goldin's Crochet Camp- the Cherry Delicious pot holder. It is made in RICO creative cotton aran and a 5mm hook. I have used this a LOT, perfect for holding the hot lid on my enamel teapot.

 Pot holder number two: From a Danish blog here, I've provided a translation below. This was inspired by Emma Lamb's beautiful pot holders, and I love the vintage style design. This is crocheted in Annell Cotton 8 with a 3mm hook, and is double-sided for extra heat protection.
 Pot holder three: I love mustard. Really, really love mustard. This design is from 500 Crochet Blocks. And is made in King Cole Bamboo Cotton. Yummy.
 Pot holder four: I particularly love Emma Lamb's work, so I was ever so pleased that two of her patterns were in last month's Mollie Makes (link in sidebar). This is made with two strands of Annell Cotton 8, isn't it lovely? I made one for my friend Erin last month, and was rather taken with the design's simplicity and prettiness.
 Potholder five: I think this one is my favourite. An old American design (pattern here), made up of Annell Cotton 8 (two strands in pink for the flower, two strands in cream for the background) and Rico cotton aran for the green leaves and blue border. It needs a backing piece really but I'll get around to that sooner or later.
And pot holder six: This colourful creation is the second Emma Lamb pattern from Mollie Makes, made up in Rico aran. I found the popcorn stitch a bit fiddly with a small hook (3mm) but the overall effect is well worth it. 

There is a ton of inspiration on beautiful blog By Haafner if you want more ideas for cotton, colours and general inspiration. I thoroughly recommend a good read!

So here is my translation of the Danish pattern, I've written it up in UK terminology with standard abbreviations...

To begin. 5ch, ss to ch1 to form a ring.  
Round 1: 5ch (counts as 1tr, 2ch) * 1tr into ring, ch.Repeat from * 6 times more. ss into 3ch of 5ch
to close. (8tr in total)

Round 2: 2ch, 1tr into 2ch space, ch 2, * 2tr, 2ch in ch sp. Repeat from * around. ss to 3ch to join. 

Round 3: 2ch, 1tr in the ch sp, 1tr in each of next 2 sts.* 2ch, 2tr in 1st tr, 1tr into next tr.
Repeat from *around, join with ss.

Round 4: 2ch, 1tr into first st, 1tr in next tr, 2 dc in last tr. *2ch, 2tr in first st, 1tr in next st,
2tr in next tr. Repeat from * around,  finish with 2ch, ss to join.

Rounds 5, 6, 7: 2ch, 1tr into first st, 1 tr into next (x) sts, 2 tr into last st, ch 2. 2tr into first st,
1 tr into each st to last tr, 2 tr into last st, 2ch. Join with ss to 2ch.

Round 8: Decreasing the star tips! 2ch, 8tr, 2ch, 2tr in ch sp, 2 ch, *miss first tr of next star tip, 9tr, 2ch, 2 tr in2ch space, ch 2. Repeat from *around, join with ss.

Rounds 10,11 and 12: Work as round 9, skipping the first tr of the group and working 2tr into
each ch sp, ch 2. Fasten off.
Finishing: For the back I worked a flat circle in treble crochet for 12 rounds, and using pink yarn, double crocheted the pieces together, and worked an extra row of dc to really make the colour pop. For the scallop edging, join in new colour and miss 2, 6tr into next, miss 2, dc into next st. 
Ta-dah! You now have a beautiful crochet pot holder. Many thanks to Karen for the lovely tutorial in Danish. Please go visit her colourful world for plenty of inspiration. 

Happy hooking!
Hope you all have a marvellous autumn weekend. 


  1. Oh I love a potholder too, and there is something really rather therapeutic about making them. You have started a lovely collection there. Well jealous!

    Have a super weekend my friend xxxx

  2. Love your pot holders (but you knew that already right?!) thanks so much for the Danish pattern. I'm going to make one this weekend. Our pot holder collections are going to end up looking very similar!! Love a pot holder though, pretty, useful and I love the quickness of whipping one up!! X

  3. These are too gorgeous, I especially love the mustard one. Thanks for the links to patterns too xox Penny

  4. Ooo, thank you for pretty potholder inspiration and translation! Most certainly will be put on my I shall one day make one of those list. Though I am already in the must crochet blanket to keep warm time of year!

  5. I love all of these - I've got about twenty potholder patterns bookmarked on my Ravelry homepage, but never seem to get round to doing them. You've made me more determined though! x


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