Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Homespun Style market spoils

On Friday I went to London with Albie and my friend Portia, to visit Selina Lake's Homespun Style book launch and marketplace event. After a lovely lunch at The Diner in Shoreditch, we wandered around Spitalfields, admiring the lovely shops (and spending a LOT in MAC).
Then we meandered up through to Hanbury Street, where I stopped off at Absolute Vintage and bought THE most perfect Peggy Olsen dress! It is brown gingham with a little peter pan collar and belt, it's so Mad Men. Anyways, I'll show you that later, when it's washed. It'll be so perfect with my new mustard £3 bargain primark cardi.
Hanbury Hall was the venue for the Homespun Style event, beautifully adorned with Selina's homespun sign, hankie bunting and some of Jane from teawagon tales's beautiful retro fabric bunting. There were little cakes, colourful plastic cups and even this seating area, draped with vintage floral fabrics (just the kind I am hunting for my wedding!). So many lovely stalls, and my crap blurry pictures can't do any of them justice.
Selina's blog and this Flickr group have some pictures of the event. It was lovely to meet the lady herself and purchase some small crafty items, such as this lovely Liberty fabric that I spied whilst chatting with the lovely Rachelle of ted & agnes fame.
I also bought a number of other items, including this lovely pin cushion by Zeena Shah, and some vintage barkcloth buttons from Folly & Glee. I desperately want a Folly & Glee lampshade, and now I know all about the options and sizes, and have seen the beautiful things in the flesh I am ready to purchase! I chatted with Polly, who is lovely and so clever, and she was perched next to the talented Emma Lamb, whose stunning crochet I quietly admired (i was too shy to say hello).

I lovely afternoon, if only I hadn't taken my unruly toddler it would have been perfect.


  1. That's funny! Is this the same event that Yvonne
    from the Yvestown blog is writing about?
    I really like your blog, by the way!

  2. Jealous jealous jealous..... Humph... It looked amazing! Btw... I nominated you for a sunshine award over on my blog!!! Xxxx

  3. Ooh what a lovely thing to do at the weekend.
    Fleur xx

  4. I have just commented on an older post about learning to crochet but then seen your 'Workshops' page... It is such a ridiculously small world. I live in Leigh on Sea so it's not impossible that I could start your 6 week course. Need to check about babysitter etc so will let you know. x

  5. Looks like a fab day! Thanks for the link to Zeena, some lovely things over there :) I loove Absolute Vintage and also bought a Peggy Olsen-esque dress..only to get it home to find it wouldn't go on past my shoulders, booo. Hx


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